This is a page that I set up for my students where you can get all the links and resources mentioned in my Book Cover Course

Useful Chrome Extensions:

WhatFont: This allows you to hover over the text on any website and see what font has been used

ColorZilla: This allows you to select any color on a website, pick it with an eyedropper tool and see it's hex value so that you can use that exact color elsewhere

Websites I Use Frequently Create color schemes with the color wheel or browse thousands of color combinations from the community. An independent archive of typography where you can see different fonts paired together and find the perfect font.

DepositPhotos.Com: Where I buy my images

The Free Fonts That Come With Image Design Software.

As the Canva Font menu is out of focus and not all the fonts are represented the way they will look when you use them I have created a .png image of the list with each font typed out in its font style.

Once you have opened the image of the list it will look like this because the image will automatically fit your screen vertically:

Click once inside the text to zoom in on it. Once zoomed in you will be able to scroll through all the fonts and see what they look like.

Don't forget to save the image to your computer so that you have it any time you decide to use Canva. 

The Guideline Image to Upload to so That you can use the Createspace Paperback Book Guide

As Canva have discontinued their guides feature, I have created a .png image that you can use in place of the guidelines to help you keep any important information on your book cover from falling outside the trim area of your Createspace template, as well as marking the exact position of your book's spine.

Don't forget to save it to your desktop

Don't forget to save it to your desktop

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