So, What's going to be the best way for you to learn how to manipulate your own images and create your own book covers?


First Let's Look at the Bare Minimum You Need to Know About Images Before You Attempt a Book Cover

Your cover does not have to be an award winning work of art but it’s quality  needs to be good enough for readers not to notice that you are self-publishing and to draw them in to read your description. With today's drag and drop image editing apps I am confident you can do that. 

Click on the link below to download a FREE report about what you need to know.  • Finding the right kind of images and using the right fonts for your genre.  

• Tying in with your other books and your website.  

• Understanding the technical stuff about book covers and images.

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A short video course on how to pick colors and how to match the hex code for existing colors

Choosing a Color Palette for Your Book Covers and Other Online Projects

If you start with a co-ordinated color palette for all your online spaces you can design book covers that look good on your website and social media places as well as being instantly recognisable as your books.

A short video course about resizing images and removing the backgrounds from them

Resizing Images and Removing Backgrounds

  • Learn to resize images or reduce their file size in Mac Preview or using Free software if you are on Windows.
  • How to remove the background from an image so that you can place a different background behind it or have a transparent background.

But the easiest way to learn how to create your own book covers is to take a video course

You know that if you try to learn the ins and outs of book design and the software you need to create them on your own it's going to take a while and you might miss out on shortcuts or easier ways of doing things.

The information and techniques I demonstrate in these videos can save you hundreds of dollars worth of wasted time if you’re creating your own book covers, or a whole lot of frustration if you’re working with a book designer and you are not sure when to be assertive about what you want and when to bow down to their expertise. Or if they ask you to submit images in certain sizes and you don't know what they're talking about.

I like to keep my courses cheap because I can, but don't let the prices fool you. My passion is teaching software so I put my best work in to my courses to make it as easy as possible for you to learn the techy stuff and get your books published as soon as possible.

Create Your own Book Covers for eBooks and Paperback Books

A full video course on how to create your own book covers for eBooks and paperpack books

Using free Canva and free GIMP software

Create your own professional looking book covers; ready to upload to major retailers and distributors.

If you want to check out my teaching style before you decide, watch a couple of free previews for this course by clicking on the button below or Take this course for only US$10

What you will learn in this course:

Find inspiration for your book covers as well as free, cheap or premium images without infringing upon someone else's copyright

Work out the specifications for a paperback book cover or generate one in Createspace, and then design your cover in Canva with a little image manipulating in Gimp.

Know the current specifications for print book, eBook and catalogue covers on major platforms like Amazon and Smashwords.

Understand the technical terms used in image design such as image size, file size, aspect ratios and color modes as well as what file type to use when uploading to your chosen platforms.

Convert your catalogue cover images and paperback book cover images to a suitable size to embed within your ebooks.

Design an eBook catalogue cover in Canva using either a template or your own specifications and images

Set up and design book covers in Gimp using layer masks and blend modes to create interesting effects.

If You Are Not a Scrivener User You Might Need to know How to Format an eBook in Microsoft Word and Convert it to .epub or .mobi in Calibre

A full video course on how to Format specifically for an eBook in Microsoft Word and convert it in Calibre

Self-Publishing? Create your own Professional Looking EPUB and MOBI files to Upload to Major Retailers and Distributors.

If you want to check out my teaching style before you decide, watch a couple of free previews for this course by clicking on the button below or Take this course for only US$10

What you will learn in this course:

Understand the fundamental differences between formatting for an eBook and formatting for hard copy.

Step by step instructions for formatting an ebook in Microsoft Word.

How to download applications to preview your ebook and preview your .epub and .mobi files on them

What file size, aspect ratio and file type you will need for your book cover images.

How to convert a Microsoft Word document into an eBook using the Calibre conversion tool.

Here's what some of my current students have to say about my courses:

I have pulled reviews in from so that you can see that they are genuine. (Udemy reviews are about as reliable as Amazon's)

Gary Horton
Book Cover Course, Udemy review

This course gave me the confidence to create my own book covers, saving me gobs of money and also giving more control over the process of publishing my novels. Every author who wants to streamline and expedite the publication of their books will benefit greatly from this course. Highly recommended!

Bert Berson

MS Word and Calibre Udemy review

The course is complete but at the same time concise. My level of anxiety at this point as I get to my final work is fairly high. Karen's calm and clear approach to the formatting has brought my internal temperature down quite a bit. I am actually starting to believe that I will wind up with a book.

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