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Scrivener Basics | How to Split Your Editing Window in Two

If you split your Editing window you can view two versions of the same document or two different documents at the same time

  1. To activate the split screen, click on the little split button in the upper right hand corner of your Editor.
  2. Hold down Option and click on the split button if you want to toggle between vertical and horizontal split. (On Windows this is not necessery because there is an icon for each orientation)
  3. Click inside the screen you wish to focus on. It’s title bar will turn blue. Select anything from your Binder to view it in that screen just as if you were viewing it in an un-split screen.
  4. Adjust the size of a screen by hovering over the central divider till you get the double arrow. On Mac, double clicking on the central divider will make both splits equal in size.

Split screen ideas

Below is an example of a chapter file from the Manuscript folder open in Corkboard mode in the top view showing synopses and images, with exactly the same folder open as a composite in Scrivenings mode below, ready to write the scenes up.

In the second example I have already plotted the whole book in point form and opened a folder in the Binder outside of the Manuscript folder for it called Working Synopsis. Then I have opened up a corresponding file for it within the Manuscript folder to write it up in detail.

Here I have split the screen vertically to better see the image from my Research folder that I want to describe and I am writing the scene up in the other split. This could just as easily be a video or a web page. 

You can place an audio file into one half of a split and play it back while you write it up inside the other split.

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