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Scrivener 3 | How to Stop Your Block Quote From Aligning with The Right Hand Margin in an eBook

Although you can create a right hand indent for your block quote if you compile to an ePub 3 ebook or Kindle KF 8 Mobi ebook which are available in Scrivener 3, I have tested extensively and have not found a way to stop a block quote from justifying with the right hand margin when compiling to ePub 2 Ebook or the old Kindle Mobi Ebook.

You can still create a very acceptable block quote in previous versions of Scrivener, it’s just that they will automatically be flush with the right hand margin.

Watch the video below to see how to create a block quote in previous versions of Scrivener and then how to force an indent from the right hand margin if you have converted to Scrivener 3.

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