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Adobe Color | An Easy Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Presentations, Websites, Book Covers or Social Media Posts

Knowing how to use colors effectively to set the mood or atmosphere, or how to pick colors that go well together is important because colors, when used correctly can guide the viewers eye to what’s important or change the tone or mood of a subject.

When used incorrectly it can leave your viewer not quite knowing what to look at first or where to rest their eye.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to decide what tone to set for your project
  • An easy way to choose a color palette using a color wheel.
  • Some basic color rules that work consistently in helping you to choose colors that go well with each other
  • How to use the free that creates color schemes for you based on your focus color.
  • How to extract a color palette from an image that you like
  • How to find the Hex value of your logo or colors you already like so that you can use them elsewhere on the internet.
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