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Master all the major features of your Scrivener writing software to write eBooks and paperback books.

I want you to thoroughly understand and enjoy Scrivener so that you can be inspired to achieve all of your writing goals.

What you will learn in my full courses:

Setting up Your Project

  • Opening a New Project
  • Menus + Customizing Your Toolbars
  • An Overview of the User Interface and View Modes
  • Setting Your Font Style
  • Setting Your Language and Spelling

How the Binder Works

  • Creating and Arranging Files and Folders
  • The Default Folders in the Binder
  • Changing Files, Folders, Icons and other visual clues
  • How to Import Documents and Research Material Into Your Scrivener Project
  • Doing a Basic Search

How the Editor Works

  • Single Document and Scrivenings Mode
  • Freewriting
  • Distraction Free Compose Mode
  • How the Cork Board Works
  • How the List Style Outliner View Works
  • Splitting the Editor to View Two Documents at the Same Time
  • Quick Reference Panels
  • Page Layout View (Mac Only)

Inspector Menu Functions

  • Bookmarks
  • Meta-Data
  • Snapshots
  • Comments & Footnotes
  • Label & Status

Compiling for Export (Basic)

  • The Front and Back Matter Folders
  • An Overview of the Compile Menu
  • Setting up Your Own Section Types for a Blank Template
  • Compiling a Manuscript, a Paperback or an Ebook
  • Compiling Enumerated or Indented Outlines
  • How to Preview Your eBook Before Publishing

Creating Your Own (Scriv 3)

Compile Format Presets

  • Setting up a Preset
  • Customizing the Formatting for Your Preset
  • Quick Demo - Creating a Preset With Multiple Folder Hirarchy
  • Applying the Correct Spacers to Your Preset
  • Customizing Your Page Size and Other Page Settings

Exploring Further

  • Arrange Your Documents by Label (Scriv 3)
  • Import From MS Word Automatically Split into Sections
  • Splitting A Document into Sections Manually
  • Importing From a Mind Map Application
  • Transferring Text Between Binder Documents (Scriv 3)
  • Applying Formatting Styles to Your Documents

Exploring Further

  • Adding Links to Your Documents
  • Setting Project Word Count Targets
  • All the Search Tools
  • Collections
  • Linguistic Focus (Scriv 3)
  • Word Frequency Checker
  • Character Name Generator
  • Revision Mode
  • The Simple Way I do Most of My Revisions (Scriv 2)

Exploring Further

  • Scriptwriting Mode (Scriv 3)
  • Backing up and Synchronizing with Dropbox
  • Working With Sound and Transcripts.
  • Customizing The Appearance of the User Interface
  • Customizing The Appearance of Your Cork Board

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