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I teach authors, educators and entrepreneurs exactly how to use their software to create books and online training courses so that even newbies can skip the months of trial and error and get on with publishing their work.

Scrivener, MS Word, Book Covers and Screenflow for Video Courses


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Scrivener Courses

Scrivener 3 | Comprehensive Course for Mac

Master all the Major Features of Your Scrivener 3 Writing Software to write eBooks and Paperback books for only US$20

NOT Suitable for Versions of Scrivener before Scrivener 3

Scrivener 2 | Comprehensive Course for Mac and Windows

Master all the Major Features of Your Scrivener 2 Writing Software to write eBooks and Paperback books for only US$20

Suitable for All Versions of Scrivener Prior to Scrivener 3

Compiling for Export in Scrivener 2 (Mac and Windows)

Self-Publishing? Create Your own Professional Looking EPUB and MOBI Files Right Inside Your Scrivener Software for only US$10

Suitable for all versions of Scrivener prior to Scrivener 3

Scrivener for IOS
By Steve Shipley 

While Scrivener for iOS is similar to Scrivener for Mac or Windows, it has a different user interface and ways of working that takes advantage of iOS and the iPad and iPhone.

Learn how to use the unique features of your phone and tablet to use Scrivener on the go for outlining and creating your work, then editing and publishing it. Take this course for only


Scriptwriting with Scrivener

By Steve Shipley 

This course teaches you how to use Scrivener to develop scripts suitable for a wide variety of uses  such as film or stage, promotional videos and trailers, podcasts, and creating educational content. I have a special coupon for this course which you can take for only US$10 if you click on the link below

A basic familiarity with Scrivener is assumed.

Scrivener | Backing up and Synchronizing with Dropbox

How to retrieve your backup files from Dropbox if you have a misshap with your computer and open them on your new computer.

How to save Scrivener projects to Dropbox in the first place so that you can share projects between different computers.

This is an excerpt from my full Scrivener course

Creating Video Courses

Screenflow | Create Inspiring Video Tutorials

Learn to find a topic, design great slides, communicate clearly and produce super engaging video tutorials in Screenflow for only US$20

Book Design and Image Manipulation

Create Your own Book Covers for eBooks and Paperback Books

Using free Canva and free GIMP software

Self-Publishing? Create your own professional looking book covers; ready to upload to major retailers and distributors. Take this course for only US$10

Choosing a Color Palette for Your Online Projects

An Easy Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Presentations, Websites, Book Covers or Social Media Posts.

This is an excerpt from my Screenflow video creating course but just as relevant for writers

Resizing Images and Removing Backgrounds

How to reduce their file size in Mac Preview or using Free pixlr.com software and how to remove the background from an image so that you can place a different background behind it or have a transparent background.

An excerpt from my Screenflow course.

Formatting eBooks in Microsoft Word

Format in Microsoft Word

and Convert to eBook in Calibre.

Self-Publishing? Create your own Professional Looking EPUB and MOBI files to Upload to Major Retailers and Distributors. Take this course for only US$10

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Here's what some of my current students have to say about my courses:

I have pulled reviews in from Udemy.com so that you can see that they are genuine.

Judy Lunn,
Screenflow Course, Udemy review

I have taken 6 courses on Screenflow, and if I had found Karen's course, I would have only needed 1! This is the ONLY course you need to learn how to create video tutorials and to prepare yourself for a successful future sharing what you know with others. I am so impressed with this course that I'm going to suggest to Telestream, the software developer, to place this course at the very top of the learning resources on their website. Exceptional job, Karen!

Tommy Mitchell
Scrivener 3 Course, Udemy review

Even though I have been a long time Scrivener user, this course introduced me to many new (to me at least…) functions of the software. I will be able to use Scrivener much more effectively after going through this material.

The lessons were presented clearly. The topics covered were practical and dealt with thoroughly. I was especially impressed by the coverage of the Compile functions of Scrivener (which can be quite intimidating).

Gary Horton
Book Cover Course, Udemy review

This course gave me the confidence to create my own book covers, saving me gobs of money and also giving more control over the process of publishing my novels. Every author who wants to streamline and expedite the publication of their books will benefit greatly from this course. Highly recommended!

Troy Stuart
Scrivener 2 Course, Udemy review

The course gives a comprehensive overview of all the elements in Scrivener. I strongly recommend that a person watch all the videos - even the sections that you think you have already mastered or think are not relevant right now. There are so many nuggets packed in each video that it is useful to watch them all.

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